12 Amazing Welding Helmet Makeovers

Check out these creative and amazing welding helmets that will get you hyped up!

1. This helmet by Radroman / Reddit is dubbed to be the helmet for Boba Fett, a fictional character in Star Wars.

welding helmet Radroman

2. Feeling blue? Check out this custom painted welding helmet by Mike Lavallee.

Killer Paint welding helmet

Source: www.killerpaint.com

3. Leslie Bennett calls this the “art of price jones custom welding helmet”.

Leslie Bennett welding helmet
4. This cool welding helmet is weirdly awesome!

Welding Helmet by OddMason
Source: oddmason.deviantart.com

5. Trying to keep children away from you while you weld? Wear this helmet by Avenious!

welding helmet by Avenious
6. Here’s a cute one by Scott Zimmerman. Who doesn’t love minions!?

minion by zimmerdesignz
Source: zimmerdesignz.com

7. Look at this cool welding helmet by wello!

welding hood by wello

Source: weldingweb.com

8. Head on fire!

welding helmet

Source: weldingweb.com

9. Here’s another flaming helmet by SWells in case you’re open for another style.

welding helmet by SWells


10. This helmet by Hoodlum looks wicked!

Hoodlum welding helmet

Source: oobject.com

11. Personally, I think Iron Man would be a welder if he’s not a hero, so this helmet is just perfect.

Iron Man welding helmet
12. Let me bless your eyes with another Iron Man welding helmet by DRock. Impressive, isn’t?

welding helmet by DRock

Source: weldingweb.com

Now, these welding helmets are cool. However, we’ve gone out there and reviewed a bunch of welding helmets for you. These reviews will quickly help you find the best welding helmet for your needs.