5 Reasons Why Welding is a Good Career

  1. It doesn’t require a college or university degree

A college or university degree isn’t always affordable. For some, student debts can hunt them longer than expected. Fortunately, welding doesn’t require it. You will need to train, of course, but it’ll only take more or less seven months. After training and after you get your certification, you’ll be qualified to earn a decent salary already! You can step up by becoming a welding inspector after a few years too, which means you don’t have to undergo four years of college and a year of internship just so you could earn. Welding is pretty much an amazing career.

  1. You’ll always have a job

Companies are always looking for skilled welders. The demand for them is too high welders can be found in almost every industry. If you’re a welder, that means you can work everywhere and possibly even travel to various places! Welding has a lot of job opportunities; you can work under sales, robotics, engineering, inspection, project management, and education. If you’re skilled and you never make mistakes such as these, welding will never leave you jobless.

  1. It makes you creative

This career is more of an art than a craft. Aside from making you work with accuracy, it also encourages you to be creative. Learning new strategies every now and then is possible because of the development of tools and materials as well. You’ll always have something new to learn in this career, which makes it far from being dull. And because it’s hands-on, whatever you produce from welding would be gratifying. I suggest you join competitions as well; they will allow you to be more resourceful and artistic. Plus, you’ll get to meet other welders too!

  1. Woman welding in 1919

    It promotes gender equality

The welding career isn’t just for men. In fact, the United States Department of Labor Women’s Bureau mentioned that the number of female welders in the U.S. has escalated by over 2% over the past ten years. It’s a great career choice for women because they won’t get generalized nor underestimated in this growing field.

  1. You can earn as much as a lawyer or a doctor

I’m not bluffing, you can really earn as much as your doctor through welding! That’s if you’re a highly skilled welder. Of course, it’ll take some time and experience but it’s possible. It’s one of the few careers that will allow you to earn a six-figure income without a college or university degree. Welders who are highly experienced, willing to work in hazardous conditions, and are willing to travel earn over $100,000 a year! Amazed? I figured you won’t believe me that easily so here are my examples:

  • <img src="money.jpg" alt="money">Underwater welders earn $100,000 to $200,000 a year
  • Traveling industrial pipe welders earn $50,000 to $185,000 a year
  • Military support welders can earn $160,000 (starting income) to $200,000 a year in the Middle East

The salary depends on how awesome you are and how far you’re willing to travel. If you’re not willing to travel, you can still live a good and comfortable life as a welder locally. You can earn $20,000 a year if you want, but if you want to take welding seriously, you can earn a lot more.