5 Welding Mistakes That Could End Your Life

Welding is a good and satisfying career and a lot of people enjoy it. Others even consider welding a hobby! But whether you’re a professional welder or just a welding hobbyist, there will still be dangers in welding that could send you to your grave earlier than expected.

Take note: Welding isn’t an easy task; it poses several threats to your life. Mistakes come in when you start getting comfortable with welding and you stop paying attention to what you’re doing.

Remember, no matter how great of a welder you are, if you don’t focus, your skills won’t matter without your life.

So avoid these welding mistakes and you’ll avoid serious consequences as well. Better be safe than sorry!

Mistake #1: Welding in or near water

You might say this is so obvious, but tell you what, it’s a mistake that’s very easy to make. For instance, say you’re welding on a pipe and you neglected a spill of water. Then you forget to dry it completely and you began to work. And only then did you notice it. Well, stop working! Don’t continue. Though the current for welding has a high amperage and low voltage, you can still get injured, or worse—get killed.

Mistake #2: You like to move it, move it

Working on high-pressure cylinders is almost inevitable. You’ll have to do it someday. But if you’re preoccupied or trying to finish fast, you’ll probably move those cylinders without the protective cap. And that’s a big no-no! If the cylinder falls or the valve falls off accidentally, you’ll have 2,500 psi breaking free from a teeny-weeny hole, turning the cylinders into a fatal weapon.

Mistake #3: Being clingy to oxygen and acetylene cylinders

Do yourself a favor and stop carrying acetylene and oxygen cylinders in your truck and car. Don’t even think about placing it in your truck toolbox, thinking it’s safe there. If they leak, even in small amounts, they’ll build up. Once they come in contact with a small spark, the cylinders would turn into a deadly bomb. Even too much heat during summer can cause them to explode so avoid carrying them everywhere you go; just keep them in a safe place.

<img src="weldingsparks.jpg" alt="welding sparks">Mistake #4: Welding containers that housed a flammable object or substance

Again, this mistake will happen only if you’re in a world of your own or you’re in a hurry that you forget or neglect to clean the container completely. It’s essential to wash the container using soap and water first then purge it with argon. This way, you know you’ll be safe. If you don’t wash containers properly, you’ll be in a huge trouble.

Mistake #5: Carrying a lighter

Let’s say you happen to carry a lighter like the usual. Then one time, just this once, you forget you have it on you and you start welding. You’ll most likely start a fire! A tiny spark can trigger the lighter and next thing you know, you’re in a hospital. Either that or if you’re unlucky, you’ll be six feet under the ground.


Also, remember to wear the proper welding attire. That includes your overall, helmet, hearing protection, gloves, and glasses. They can help you prevent getting injured. Don’t forget to follow the correct procedures when you MIG weld or TIG weld, too. Lastly, be careful when using a plasma cutter, they can get extremely hot.