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Jacob's an experienced fitter and tuner/welder who's passionate about helping others develop in life through new skills and opportunities. He's found writing on numerous sites like weldingchamps.com about his passions including his website tinyhomeskingdom.com

55 Welding Project Ideas To Build For Home or To Sell

Welding Trolley

Whether you’re a hobby welder or a professional in the trade, DIY projects can be loads of fun. But it’s even better when you have plans to work from that have been tried and tested, so you know your labor will pay off. We have a list of 55 projects, both small and large, from simple ones to more challenging ones designed for indoor and outdoor […]

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Warming Up to Welding: The Whys and Hows of Preheating

warming up to welding

The decision to preheat is something a welder will consider in an industrial setting. But is it something a DIY welder needs to worry about? Like so many things, the answer is: maybe.  Preheating can depend on steel grade, base metal thickness, and design. What is preheating? The term itself is rather self-evident, being the […]

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Best Welding Caps 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

a welding cap

Keeping your head and hair safe while you weld is important. You may have used an inferior welding cap in the past, and come to pay the price for your mistakes, whether it was through discomfort or singed hair. We know that shopping online for things like welding caps isn’t always an easy task. It […]

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