Best Welding Bags & Backpacks – Guide & Reviews 2020

Last Updated: August 18, 2020

A welding backpackIf you’ve been carrying your welding equipment back and forth from the job site by hand, you know what a hassle it can be. Face shield, gloves, apron, and other essentials are quite an armful. Keeping it organized is another story altogether.

Luckily, we’ve put together five reviews of some popular welding bags that will make it simple to keep your welding gear safe, organized, and easy to transport. We’ve tried out quite a few of these bags, from drawstring packs to backpacks to duffle bags.

Some of them held up through our testing, others didn’t. To make sure you pick the right one, we’ve got three recommendations for you that we are confident will carry your gear for a long time with no problems.

Comparison Table (updated in 2020):

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Lincoln Electric K3740-1 Welders All-in-One Lincoln Electric K3740-1 Welders All-in-One
  • Can carry 50+ pounds
  • Multiple pockets for tools
  • Removable helmet carrier
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Tillman 520 Welders Bag Tillman 520 Welders Bag
  • Durable 600D polyester
  • Large capacity
  • Dual pockets
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack
  • Toolbag-style main compartment
  • Helmet carrier with quick release
  • Stiff sides stay firm
  • Sparc 26003 Welding Bag Sparc 26003 Welding Bag
  • Durable 650D polyester
  • Large capacity
  • Very low price
  • Arc Armor 228028 Welders Tool Bag Arc Armor 228028 Welders Tool Bag
  • 22 total pockets
  • Large capacity
  • The 5 Best Welding Bags & Backpacks:

    1. Lincoln Electric K3740-1 Welders All-in-One Backpack – Best Overall

    Lincoln Electric Welders

    It’s hard to beat the military-grade durability of the Lincoln Electric All-in-one backpack for welders. Crafted from ballistic grade 1680-Denier nylon, it’s sure to hold up through even the roughest of workplace conditions. You can load it up with over 50 pounds without having to worry. The straps are also padded for your comfort, as is the back panel, which is also segmented for improved airflow circulation. It’s not the cheapest welder’s bag, but it’s one of the highest quality ones that we’ve seen.

    As a welder, you can’t go anywhere without your helmet or face shield. Luckily, this backpack includes a removable mesh carrier that’s perfect for carrying any size shield and makes getting to it quick and easy. Once we opened up the main compartment, we were impressed that it folds all the way open for easy storage and access to your tools. Pockets of many sizes adorn the inside so you can pack many different tools into your bag and still keep it neat and organized. In the end, between its comfort, capacity, and durability, we think it’s the best backpack for welders.

    • Padded shoulder straps carry 50+ pounds
    • The main compartment has many pockets for tools
    • Removable helmet carrier
    • Durable military grade fabric exterior
    • Pretty pricey

    2. Tillman 520 Welders Bag – Best Value

    Tillman 520

    When you need a reliable way to transport your welding gear but you don’t want to spend a fortune on your bag, we recommend the Tillman 520 Welder’s Bag. At this low price, it’s definitely one of the best welding bags and backpacks for the money. Crafted from 600-Denier polyester, it’s sure to hold up to repeated workplace abuse for a long time. The main compartment has a drawstring top and is large enough to fit any style of welding helmet or face shield without any problems. But that’s not all this bag can hold.

    It’s also equipped with two mesh side pockets and even a front pocket with a Velcro closure. The side pockets are perfect for carrying your welding gloves or any other tools you need, or even just a water bottle to keep you hydrated during your long hours on the job. Your keys, wallet, and phone will be well-protected in the front pocket while you complete your work. Our only complaint is the single back strap to carry it with. We prefer a two-strap backpack-style design, but at this low of a price, it’s hard to complain.

    • Made from durable 600D polyester
    • Large enough for any helmet or face shield
    • 2 Side pockets for gloves and other tools
    • Very cheap price
    • Single strap design doesn’t carry as well

    3. Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack – Premium Choice

    Revco Industries

    It’s one of the most expensive packs we got to try, but the Revco GB100 Extreme Gear Pack is also one of the most versatile welder’s bags we’ve come across. The quick-release helmet carrier straps onto the front of the bag and lets you get your face shield out in seconds. We love any feature that saves time on the job site, and this one certainly does. The main compartment is a top-load style tool bag with a zipper closure.

    Once you open the top, it stays open thanks to the firm walls. Inside, several pockets keep your tools organized so you can always find what you need without wasting time searching. Our only complaint is that the entire compartment could be a bit bigger to allow more gear like a welder’s apron or jacket. As it is, they’ll fit, but it would make it very difficult to get to your other tools. Of course, the main compartment isn’t the only viable holding space on this bag. Two sizeable mesh pockets adorn the sides, giving you an extra place to store gloves, water bottles, and more. Even when loaded up, we felt this bag was very comfortable to carry.

    • Toolbag-style main compartment
    • Helmet carrier with quick release
    • Stiff sides stay firm
    • Very comfortable to carry
    • Very expensive
    • The main compartment could be larger

    4. Sparc 26003 Welding Bag

    Sparc Gear

    Crafted from 650-Denier polyester to provide a reliable and durable bag that won’t break down with daily use, the Sparc Welding Bag just missed our top three. It’s also very affordable on any budget. It’s a top-load bag with a drawstring closure that makes it easy to fit whatever you need inside. Unfortunately, the drawstring isn’t as strong as the rest of the bag, and ours broke after a few weeks of use. This is the main flaw that kept the Sparc bag from achieving one of our top three recommendations.

    Inside this bag, there’s plenty of room to fit any face shield or welding mask with no difficulties. For your additional tools, welding gloves, and water bottles, two pockets on the sides provide extra carrying capacity. One final pocket on the front that’s held closed with Velcro was the perfect size to hold our wallets and keys. It’s not as comfortable to carry as some of the other bags though because of the single-strap design. Overall, it’s a decent product, but the broken drawstring proves it to be less durable than the Tillman 520 in our second position.

    • Crafted from resilient 650D polyester
    • Can fit any face shield or welding mask
    • Very low price
    • Single strap design doesn’t carry as well
    • Drawstring broke

    5. Arc Armor 228028 Welders Tool Bag

    Miller Electric Arc Armor

    At 22 inches in length, the Arc Armor Welder’s Tool Bag provides ample space for your helmet, gloves, and whatever other tools you need to carry along to the job site. It’s duffle bag design zips open at the top and has two carrying handles as well as a single shoulder strap. We like having multiple ways to carry the bag, but the loop that holds the shoulder strap fell off one of the first times we used it. This means the bag can only be carried by hand now, drastically reducing its usefulness. This wasn’t the only part of the bag that started coming apart though. To our disappointment, we noticed that the stitching started coming apart in several places after just a few weeks.

    Inside this bag are 22 total pockets for you to organize your tools. This includes 9 pockets on the interior, and 13 pockets adorning the outside. Price-wise, this bag is right in the middle of the pack, more expensive than the drawstring bags but cheaper than the backpacks. If it had held up better to the rigors of the workplace, it may have earned a higher position on our list.

    • 22 total pockets
    • Plenty of space for helmet, gloves, and more
    • The duffle bag design is harder to carry
    • Loop for the shoulder strap broke
    • Stitching started coming apart

    Buyer’s Guide

    Some of the bags we tested exhibited military-grade durability, while others started to break down in just a few weeks. But that’s not the only difference between the welding bags that we tried. They come in different styles and have different ways of being carried. You may be wondering what makes one bag superior to another? In this short buyer’s guide, we’re going to briefly discuss the traits that we think you should keep in mind when deciding on which welder’s bag you should trust to carry your tools.


    Jobsites aren’t known for being particularly easy on tools, and your bag is one of your tools. Some of the bags we tested started coming apart at the seams in just a few weeks. Others held together without any sign of weakness and we trust that they will continue to do so for a long time. One of the main differences between these bags that impacts the overall durability is what material it is made from. Polyester and nylon are some of the most popular materials, but even within them, there are differences in the durability of the particular polyester or nylon used. These fabrics are rated for thickness by a measurement called Denier. The higher the number, the thicker the fibers of the fabric, and the more durable the fabric will tend to be. Some bags don’t list the Denier fabric they used, so they’re likely built from a less durable and less expensive low-Denier fabric. 600D and up is considered to be quite durable.


    How do you want to carry your bag? And how do you want it to carry your gear? The bags we tested fell into three main categories: backpacks, drawstring bags, and duffle bags. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and this is one of the largest differences between the welding bags we tested.

    Backpacks tended to have the most space for your gear. They’re also the most comfortable to carry thanks to the two straps that disperse the weight over your shoulders and leave your hands free to work or carry other items. But they were also the most expensive options.

    Drawstring bags don’t have as much space for extra tools, so you may only be able to fit the essentials like your helmet, gloves, and a water bottle. The ones we tested had just a single carrying strap that goes over your shoulder and across the chest. We didn’t find this to be quite as comfortable as the two straps of a backpack. However, the drawstring-style bags are often the most cost-effective solution for carrying your welding gear.

    The duffle bag carriers had plenty of room for most of your gear. What we don’t like about them is how they are carried. Generally, you’ll get two options. First, a set of carrying handles on top so you can carry it by hand. Alternatively, most will include a single shoulder strap that you can use to free up your hands. We didn’t find it to be even as comfortable as the drawstring strap. Of course, it comes down to personal preference, and you may like the duffle bag style straps, even if we don’t.

    How Much Can It Carry?

    Since you’re going to be carrying most of your gear back and forth from the job site, it’s important that your bag can carry as much gear as you have. Gloves, a helmet, apron, water bottles, and any additional tools may be necessary. Some of the bags we tested had plenty of room for all of these items, such as the backpacks. The drawstring bags, on the other hand, had considerably less room and you may not be able to carry the additional tools. That said, they also cost much less, so you’ll have to weigh the cost versus the carrying ability.


    We all know the frustration of looking through your tool bag and being unable to find the specific item you need right now. If you’ve ever had to pull all the tools out just to find a single one stuck way at the bottom, then you know the importance of good organization. Some of the welder’s bags we tested were adorned with a myriad of pockets of different sizes that will allow you to keep your entire bag well organized. This will save you time and frustration in the long haul, which is why it’s a feature that we prioritize.


    After carrying our gear in as many different welding bags as we could find, we discovered that some of them are perfect tools for the job, but others couldn’t hold up to the workplace abuse. You’ve read reviews comparing five of the most popular options, but only three of them performed well enough to earn our recommendations. We think the best choice overall is the Lincoln Electric K3740-1 Welder’s All-in-One Backpack. With a military-grade exterior made from 1680 Denier nylon, it’s one of the toughest bags you’ll ever find. It has plenty of room for various tools with pockets to organize them and makes it easy to get to your helmet thanks to the snap-on helmet carrier on the front.

    For a budget-conscious welding bag, we suggest the Tillman 520. It’s priced affordably, but it’s still very durable thanks to its 600-Denier polyester construction. You can fit any face shield or helmet inside of this bag, and three extra pockets ensure you can also carry your gloves, water bottles, and other tools. The Revco GB100 BSX was our premium pick thanks to features like the quick-release helmet carrier and main compartment that was full of pockets for your tools.

    Featured image credit: Spacweld Sparc Welding Gear and Welding Helmet Bag, Amazon

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