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a welder magnetYou can’t hold your metal in place and weld it at the same time. Clamps won’t do the trick. They’re not reliable, don’t hold well, and won’t keep a proper angle. But welding magnets can act as a second, third, or even fourth set of hands to hold your work in exactly the right position. But you need a set of magnets that you can rely on.

They must be square, offer several working angles, and have enough holding capacity to keep your work still and stable, even once you apply pressure. We wanted to find out which magnets would serve us best, and the following seven reviews will compare some of our favorites.

Three of them set themselves apart from the crowd and earned our top recommendations, but all of them had some positive traits that make them worth discussing.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites:

ModelPriceQuantityEditor Rating
Strong Hand Tools Adjustable
Strong Hand Tools Adjustable(Best Overall)

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Hobart(Best Value)

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Magswitch Mini Multi Angle
Magswitch Mini Multi Angle(Premium Choice)

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ABN Arrow
ABN Arrow

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The 7 Best Welding Magnets:

1. Strong Hand Tools MFT10 Welding Magnet – Best Overall

Strong Hand Tools Adjustable

Every project you weld won’t always be using large sheets of steel. When you need to do something a bit smaller, those bulky magnets become a nuisance. Say hello to the MFT10 Magnetic Tab Holder from Strong Hand Tools. These little magnets will fit in the palm of your hand and stay out of the way when you’re welding up small pieces like handles and tight pipe joints. But don’t let the small size fool you. These are stout little devices that can hold up to 18 pounds each! They’re not suitable for larger items, but they’re the perfect solution for small to mid-size welding projects.

With six magnets on a single tab, you can position it in any way you need. It features a V-shaped base that can be adjusted to accommodate many different shapes. Round pipe, flat pipe, flat pieces, and angled metal surfaces are all workable with this one little tool. If you need to weld something longer, you can utilize two of these to keep them out of the way and still hold up sizable pieces.

  • Can hold up to 18 pounds
  • Tiny size fits anywhere without getting in the way
  • Can be used on a round pipe
  • 6 magnets on one magtab
  • Not suitable for welding larger items

2. Hobart 770662 Welding Magnet – Best Value


If you’ve already spent most of your welding budget on other equipment such as a welder, gloves, sleeves, a face shield, and an apron, you may have left your magnets as an afterthought. Don’t worry, with the Hobart 770662 mini magnetic welding holders you can squeeze them in without your wallet even noticing. The best part is that you get four separate magnets in a single pack, expanding your welding abilities quickly. Granted, they’re not the strongest magnets available, so don’t expect them to hold up full-size steel sheets. But considering the low price, we think they’re the best welding magnets for the money.

Each magnet offers several different angles. You get 45, 90, and 135 degrees, depending on how you position the magnet. Between the four of them, you should be able to manage most of the work you can think of. Thanks to their miniature size, you can fit them out of the way of your welding so that you can still easily see and reach your work without them becoming a nuisance.

  • 4 magnets per pack
  • Holds at 45, 90, and 135-degree angles
  • Very affordable
  • Not as strong as hoped

3. Magswitch Multi Angle Welding Magnet – Premium Choice

Magswitch Mini Multi Angle

If you want the most versatile and capable welding magnet you can find, we suggest the Magswitch Mini Multi-Angle. It’s even got a built-in ground so you don’t have to look for one while welding. Even better, the magnet turns on and off so that you can easily clean it. Keeping your magnet devoid of metal shavings that usually accumulate with time means that it will live a much longer and more useful life. More than just a long lifespan, the magnet in this device is incredibly powerful and can hold up to 150 pounds! This should be more than enough for almost any project you can imagine.

With four different angles to work with, this little magnet will open up a lot of doors for you. You get 45, 60, 90, and even 120-degree angles. With such incredible power and versatility, you may expect this magnet to be giant, but it’s quite compact and never got in the way of our work. It can be used with many mediums from flat steel sheets to round pipe. Of course, you’re going to pay a premium for it as this is one of the more expensive magnets we tested.

  • 150-pound hold force
  • Offers multiple holding angles
  • Can use on round pipe
  • On/Off magnet
  • One of the more expensive options

4. ABN 2370 Arrow Welding Magnets

ABN Arrow

They cost a bit more than some of the other options we tried, but the ABN Arrow Welding Magnets are a very useful tool that you’ll be glad is part of your collection. You get four of them in a package, multiplying their usefulness and warranting the higher price tag. Each magnet can hold up to 50 pounds, which should be adequate for most welding work. You can use these magnets to set three distinct angles; 45, 90, and 135 degrees.

We were very satisfied with the quality of these magnets. They were nice and square, unlike some of the other ones we tested. Moreover, they’re powder coated to keep them resistant to rust and corrosion. The red color makes them harder to lose, and we all know how easy it is to lose any tool, especially one that can stick to walls and more!

  • 4 to a package
  • Provides 3 different angles
  • 50-pound holding capacity
  • On the expensive side

5. Weldflame Welding Magnets


If you’re looking for diversity in your welding magnets but you don’t want to spend too much to get it, then the Weldflame Magnet Welding Holder is a set you may be considering. They’re affordably priced, especially when you consider that you get eight separate magnets in a single pack. That includes four magnets that are four inches and four mini magnets that are about half that size. They all offer three working angles of 45, 90, and 135 degrees, which is sufficient for most projects.

The larger magnets have a holding force of 50 pounds, while the smaller ones can only hold 9 pounds. In our testing, the mini magnets had limited usefulness, but the larger ones worked for many different applications. However, there was one major complaint we had with these magnets. There is plastic in the center of them, and with the extreme heat of welding, the plastic can melt. This essentially ruins the magnet and negates its usefulness, so you need to be careful when doing high-temperature welding near these tools.

  • 8 magnets per pack
  • Affordably priced
  • 3 angles
  • Plastic in the middle can melt
  • The mini magnets only hold 9 pounds

6. Strong Hand Tools Magnetic Corner Squares

Strong Hand Tools

Basic but useable, the Strong Hand Tools Magnetic Corner Squares were one of the magnets that didn’t perform quite as well as we had hoped. They offer three angles to allow for multiple welds, including 60, 90, and 120 degrees. This would be sufficient if they could hold enough weight to keep our steel in place. Unfortunately, with a maximum holding capacity of just 30 pounds, our metal was constantly falling or moving when pressure was applied. This means that these magnets are only useful with medium and small-sized metal pieces.

You get two of these magnets in a pack. For the price, much better options are available, which is why we think these are overpriced. You do get several finger holes in each one that makes them easier to move and adjust, but that’s not enough to redeem their poor holding power.

  • 2 per pack
  • Fingerholes for easy positioning
  • Only holds 30 pounds
  • Overpriced for what you get

7. MAG-MATE WS300 Magnetic Welding Square


The MAG-MATE WS300 Magnetic Welding Square is an inexpensive item that has a few noticeable drawbacks that prevented it from climbing higher up our list. That said, it’s still a useful tool with a 55-pound weight capacity. Well, that’s what the manufacturer claims. It didn’t seem to live up to that number in the real world, but it was still adequately strong for most work. We did like the large finger hole in the center of the device that made it much easier to position and move.

There were two more flaws that we couldn’t miss with this magnet. First, it only offers two different angles: 45 and 90 degrees. While still useful, we’d like to see the addition of another working angle such as 135 degrees. But the biggest problem we discovered is that it’s not square! You can’t rely on it to create a straight, square corner. Since this is the only job it’s made to serve, this flaw is very limiting. We like the low price, but the drawbacks were too many for us to recommend the MAG-MATE WS300.

  • 55-pound capacity
  • Finger hole for easy use
  • Affordably priced
  • Only does 45 and 90-degree angles
  • Not perfectly square
  • Doesn’t hold as much as claimed

Buyer’s Guide

Rather than just run out and purchase any random welding magnets, it’s important to understand exactly what you need your magnets to offer. The following characteristics are the ones we’ve found to be most useful in a welding magnet, and we suggest you look for the magnets that best meet these qualifications.

How Many Angles Are Offered?

When welding, you’re going to need to create straight and consistent angles. But you won’t always be using the same angle. Not every angle will need to be a perfect 90 degrees. Luckily, welding magnets can offer several different angles on the same magnet. Some of the ones that didn’t impress us much only offered two angles. But some of the top performers offered three or even four different angles on a single magnet. This drastically increases the usability of the tool and allows you a lot more versatility as a welder. We suggest picking a magnet that offers as many angles as you can find. You never know when you’re going to need to set something at 60, 120, or even 135 degrees.

Holding Capacity

If you primarily weld small items, then you may not be terribly concerned with holding-capacity. But what happens when you need to hold two large pieces of half-inch thick steel together? What if you’re working with something even bigger? This is where the magnet’s holding capacity is going to come into play. Some of the weaker magnets we saw could only hold 30 pounds. While this may be sufficient for small to mid-sized work, we still prefer the extra power offered by a stronger magnet. Even when using medium-sized pieces, a stronger magnet will have less chance of slipping. Fifty pounds is about the average holding capacity for a quality welding magnet. But that’s far from the limit. Some of our favorite welding magnets managed an incredible holding capacity of up to 150 pounds. That should be plenty for any project you’re working on and may be much more useful than even having a second pair of human hands available.

Strong Hand Tools Adjustable Magnetic Tab Holder

Is it Square?

When you set your magnet up with two pieces that you plan to weld together, you are putting your faith in the magnet’s ability to give you the right angle. Otherwise, those angles don’t really mean much. Unfortunately, we found in our testing that not all magnets come square from the factory. Some of them were pretty far off, and this seriously hampers their usefulness. Prioritize magnets that are square and can actually produce the exact angles that they’re meant to.

Plastic Parts

Welding is a high-temperature process and some types of welding use even higher temperatures than others. Some of the cheaper magnets that we tried had plastic inserts in them that would melt when exposed to these high levels of heat. Naturally, this is a serious setback and will ruin the magnet if the plastic melts. We suggest trying to find magnets with no plastic at all. They’ll hold up much better over the long haul and won’t leave you with a disappointing mess and a useless investment.

Magnet Size

We discussed needing strong magnets for large pieces of metal, but what about when you need to weld something much smaller? Holding capacity is no longer the issue. In this case, a large magnet can be in the way and make it impossible to perform the more intricate work that you need. While most welding magnets are sized between 3 inches and 5 inches, mini magnets also exist. These are much smaller and are perfect for staying out of the way when welding up smaller or more precise items. Granted, they have a much lower holding capacity. The ones we tested could hold between nine and 18 pounds. But if you need to weld something without the magnet getting in the way, they may be your best bet.


Nothing is more frustrating than starting your weld and having the metal slip when pressure is applied. A good set of welding magnets should be strong enough to hold your metal and versatile enough to offer you several different angles to use. We’ve tested quite a few of these tools, and you’ve read about how they compare in our reviews. Three of them stood out as top performers, and we want to make sure they’re fresh in your mind. In the end, the Magnetic Tab Holder from Strong Hand Tools was our favorite. It’s tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand but stout enough to hold up 18 pounds without ever getting in the way of your work, thanks to the six separate magnets installed on a single magtab.

For the best value, we suggest the Hobart 770662 Magnetic Welding Holder. For a very low price, you get four separate magnets that are each capable of providing three different working angles. But if you want the absolute best and don’t mind paying a premium for it, we recommend the Magswitch Multi Angle Welding Magnet with 150-pound holding force, an on/off magnet, built-in ground, and multiple working angles.

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