Best Welding Tables 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Welding tableIf you are in the welding game, you know that there is no getting around the need for owning the best welding table possible. It’s a basic and essential need to the process, and it’s one you are definitely going to have to meet to ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible.

You need to buy a good welding table, but you also have a life to live. Lucky for you, we don’t. We’ve done the research, we’ve committed to the test, and as a result, we have found five of the best options available. In other words, we did your homework for you. You’re welcome.

All that is left is for you to do is sit back, relax and enjoy our list of welding table reviews.

Top 5 Best Welding Tables 2019

ModelPriceWeightEditor Rating
ArcStation Workbench, Work Surface 29×29
ArcStation Workbench, Work Surface 29×29
(Top Pick)

Check Price
74 lbs5.0/5
Strong Hand Tools Nomad TS3020
Strong Hand Tools Nomad TS3020

Check Price
44 lbs4.8/5
Chicago Electric Welding Adjustable Steel
Chicago Electric Welding Adjustable Steel
(Best for the Money)

Check Price
36 lbs4.6/5
Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint TBHK200
Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint TBHK200

Check Price
72 lbs4.3/5
Metal Man FWTD Deluxe
Metal Man FWTD Deluxe

Check Price
47 lbs4.0/5

#1 ArcStation Workbench, Work Surface 29×29 – Top Pick

ArcStation Workbench, Work Surface 29x29

If you are looking for the very best portable welding table, here it is. The best parts of this table can be summarized succinctly and without hesitation. It is durable, stable, lightweight, and more than capable of helping you do the best job you are capable of without worrying about the quality of your workspace.

The 3/8” thickness of the table should ensure that it is able to sustain the wear and tear of the work that you perform on it, while the light weight of about eighty pounds ensures that you will be able to move it around your shop at your will as the need presents itself.

Like we said it is also stable—a crucial component of any worktable that simply isn’t always a given when dealing with lighter weight units. The work surface has a load capacity of five hundred pounds and, presuming that you stay within that limit, you should not encounter any issues.

What else can be said of it? This table does the simple but crucial job that it needs to, and it does it very well.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Good Weight Capacity


  • A little Pricy

#2 Strong Hand Tools Nomad TS3020 – The Runner-up

Strong Hand Tools Nomad TS3020

Coming in a close second, the Strong Hands Tools Nomad. This unit comes with most of the things that you would expect and want to see in a table which is exactly what secured it its place as our runner up.

It’s adjustable, it has multiple slots for clamps, and it’s even lightweight enough to be moved around the shop with ease.

Of course, all of this said there is also a reason that it did not land our number one spot. Plainly stated, this unit is a little flimsy compared to the ArcStation.

The adjustable and foldable components aren’t as sturdy as you might want or expect which unfortunately will have an adverse effect both on the tables durability and its stability.

If you can look past this component, however, it is a good table with plenty of features designed to make it user friendly.


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight


  • A little flimsy in key areas

#3 Chicago Electric Welding Adjustable Steel – Best for the Money

Chicago Electric Welding Adjustable Steel

Coming in third, and in our welding table for the money slot: the Chicago Electric Welding Table. Overall this is a pretty solid reliable table, with many of the components that you look for in a product of this nature.

The Chicago Electric features a solid steel surface that will hold up well to even the highest heats of your work. The steel surface is even zinc plated to ensure that will resist rust and last longer.

Then there are other basic but useful and necessary features to enjoy. It features four slots for clamping, retractable edge guides, an adjustable table angle component that features five stops, and reinforced legs.

On the surface, it’s pretty much everything that you could want out of a welding table all wrapped up in an affordable package.

The problem however, is pretty much what you would expect to encounter when considering a unit of this price range: It’s just not as durable as you might want it to be.

The Chicago Electric is ultimately going to be very suitable for handling small to mid-range jobs, but once you get into the more heavy duty work, you might not be able to count on this unit to provide the support that you require.

Ultimately this is something that is to be expected from a table of this price range, but it is still somewhat disappointing.


  • Zinc Plated Surface
  • Four Clamping Slots
  • Five Adjustable Stops


  • Does not hold up well to heavy duty work

#4 Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint TBHK200

Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint TBHK200

For our penultimate pick, the Strong Hand Tools FixturePoint. Fair warning before you dive too deeply into this review, the FixturePoint is actually the most expensive unit featured on this list, meaning that if you are looking for a budget buy, this won’t be it.

On the other hand, for some users it will be worthwhile to pay more to get more. The first thing that the discerning shopper will notice about this unit is the 36in.L x 24in.W alloy steel tabletop with 4mm of thickness.

The work surface provides about as much stability and durability as any welder could hope for.

The unit also features 16mm holes evenly spaced in a 2in. x 2in. grid pattern across the surface for comprehensive flexibility, and a sturdy frame with 34in. standing height.

The only thing that would reasonably keep someone from deciding on this unit is value. Yes, the features illustrated above are very conducive to good, consistent results, but they are also available in some of the other units that we have looked at (like the Arcstation) for a much more affordable price.

While this product will get the job done well, it will do it at a price that you probably aren’t crazy about.


  • Sturdy, effective build


  • Not very economical

#5 Metal Man FWTD Deluxe

Metal Man FWTD Deluxe

In the case of the Metal Man, our last pick really does mean last. The first problem is that this table does not supply assembly parts. You get the base, you get the table itself, and that’s it. Every other component that you will need is going to have to be found at the hardware store.

Obviously, this is a really big drag in general, but it’s also not extremely uncommon when dealing with products on the lower tier of the price range.

The Metal Mans biggest problem is in performance. It’s just not a very excellent table. The legs aren’t very durable, the surface isn’t very sturdy. Ultimately these are issues that will manifest themselves in the quality of your work.

The bottom line is pretty simple: if you are a casual user that doesn’t mind putting this table together like it was a jigsaw puzzle, this unit might be alright for you.

Otherwise, you are going to be best off springing for a slightly more expensive table.


  • Relatively Affordable


  • No assembly parts
  • Not durable
  • Not stable

Buying Consideration:

Now that you are aware of what is out there in the world of welding tables here is a little bit of information that will help to make the buying process go as smoothly as possible.


Price at first might sound like an obvious consideration but people often make mistakes regarding this factor, figuring that the more money they spend the better the product that they are going to get.

While there might be a correlation between higher prices and higher quality there certainly is no rule mandating that you have to spend a lot to get a lot.

The way we see it, higher prices do not necessarily correlate with higher quality and lower prices don’t always correlate with the best deal.

For the best results find the product that offers a combination of quality and value.


Naturally not all welding tables are going to be the same size. You may even have noticed that as you read through this guide.

The size of your table is ultimately going to depend on the size of your job. Keep in mind if you have the room for it the larger table is going to be more versatile as it equips you for jobs both big and small.


There you have it: our guide to the best reviews of welding tables. Hopefully, by now you have learned plenty about what it takes to get the best welding table out there.

That said, the fact remains that you are now left with a decision to make. You’ve seen what we have to say and now you have to apply it to a buying decision.

If it helps you might recall that we actually have a couple of recommendations for you. If you are looking for the very best of the best the ArcStation Workbench might be your best option to explore. It benefits from tons of utility and value that make it very difficult to beat.

On the other hand, if respecting the budget is your biggest concern then the Chicago Electric Welding Adjustable Steel may be the table for you. It’s affordable, and while it doesn’t have quite all of the features that the ArcStation is able to boast it is nevertheless more than capable of doing what you need it to.

And that’s that! We won’t tell you what to buy, our only goal is to make the process a little bit easier for you.

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