Underwater Wet Welding Methods: 3 Steps to Success


If you’ve welded for any length of time, you can attest to the areas of ease and enormous challenges that present themselves on any given joint project. Welding has an enormous range of application, but most people who pick it up do so only for a few practical, do-it-yourself tricks. Welding is easy to learn, but […]

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Underwater Welding Battle: A Fight for Each Day


I have a huge amount of respect for underwater welders. Huge. Why? Well, partially because of the courage they display in the face of risky endeavors like saturation diving and underwater cutting. But the risk is well-known in and outside the industry. In fact, it’s a little hyped-up in my opinion. The bulk of my […]

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Diving Insurance for the Business Owner: Types & Consequences


There’s a myth floating out in commercial diving land (or water, in this case) that diving insurance is too complex to understand. Proper understanding of your insurance can be the difference between your business sinking or remaining afloat. Though diving insurance has its share of complexity (like all insurance), I’ve tried to narrow this article down to […]

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How Waterproof Electrodes Changed Our World: Wet Welding History

In the early 20th century, it would have been considered suicide for a diver to shoot an electric arc into the water. Though professional diving was already an established industry (and had been for hundreds of years), underwater welding was not. That all changed when Konstantin Khrenov, a Soviet engineer, invented a method to join and […]

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3 Types of Marine Structures & How They Shape the Industry


Metal’s relationship to marine structures is necessary to the continuation of trade and vital to manage natural resources. Ports and jetties are the access point to the oceans and require specific fortifications to maintain longevity. Platforms offer an anchored presence to a specific area in the ocean for commercial use. Semi-submersibles and floating platforms can effectively transport […]

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How to Score Your Commercial Diving Helmet Like an Expert


Diving helmet , diving hat. Whatever you insist on calling it, this breathing apparatus represents a large investment of resources and time to purchase. To find the best helmet, you need to understand what you’re looking for. They’ve come a long way since their invention. The modern diving helmet has developed significantly since its invention in […]

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Before the Big Leagues: Life as a Tender


No one enters the army as a general. And no one starts their first job as a full-fledged, high paid underwater welder. If you’re like the vast majority of divers, prepare for your first job title: Dive tender. Dive tenders “tend” to the needs (and wants) of commercial divers. They’re usually busy for most of the […]

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5 Ways to Boost Mechanical Skills: #2 is CRUCIAL for Welders


Source: MyMajors.com College Major Quiz When I was in high school, we had a term for people who could ace tests, but then walk out the door and not understand a single way to apply their “book” knowledge. We called them “Four – Oh’s.” That referred to their incredible GPA (4.0) and lack of street smarts. […]

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