Best Engine Driven Welder Generators 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

an engine-driven welder generator

How do you weld when you’re miles away from the nearest power source? With an engine-driven welder generator, one of the most useful welding machines available. These incredible machines are designed with high duty cycles and can run quality stick, MIG, and TIG welds. With a decent range of them available online, we’ve narrowed the […]

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Types of Welding Gases & What They’re Used For

Types of Welding Gases & What They're Used For

While traditional stick welders knew very little about gases with their welding, the rise of the MIG and TIG welding machines over the last 70 – 80 years has brought in the need for gas as a common commodity in most workshops. Why are there so many different kinds, though? And what are they used […]

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5 Tips To Staying Safe While Welding

Stay Safe While Welding

America suffers an average of 37 deaths per 100,000 steel industry workers, not including the many other welding industries like underwater welding, which has a 15 percent fatality rate. A further 500,000 welders per year are injured in accidents. These are terrifying statistics when you weld every day, and even more frightening when you’re a […]

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Best TIG Welding Gloves 2019 – Reviews & Top Picks

a TIG welding gloves

Anyone who’s tried to TIG weld with gloves that aren’t designed for TIG welding either learns they need different gloves or wonders why they struggle to run a tidy weld. Our list of reviews reveals the top eight gloves available online for TIG welding, and we explain in our buyer’s guide section what to look […]

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Best Passive Welding Helmets 2019 – Reviews & Top Picks

a passive welding helmet

It’s not only old-school welders rocking passive helmets. There’s also a new generation rising up to embrace these timeless lenses, and for a good reason. Check out our buyer’s guide to find out why. We’ve taken all the hard work out of buying online by reviewing the top passive helmets available. Our top five reviews […]

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Best MIG Welding Wire 2019 – Reviews & Top Picks

a MIG welding wire for mild steel

There are various kinds of MIG wire manufactured for different purposes, but the main characteristics of quality welding wire ensure the weld is strong and sound regardless of the metal or your welding position. We have written reviews on the five best MIG welding wire choices for mild steel we found online. Consumables are expensive […]

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Best Jackson Welding Helmet Reviews 2019 – Top Picks & Guide

a best jackson welding helmet

Some of the best helmets available come from Jackson Safety, and they’re almost all found online. However, with many different versions available, how are you meant to know which one is the best to buy? Each helmet is made uniquely for a specific purpose, and there is no one-size-fits-all helmet. Therefore, we have written these […]

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Best Miller Welding Helmet Reviews 2019 – Top Picks & Guide

a miller welding helmet

Miller’s long rise from a small operation to a nearly billion-dollar company shows in its relentless pursuit of meeting its customers’ needs. Therefore, we have decided to find our five favorite Miller helmets and give our reviews of them. From three-year warranties to new lens technology and even super-slim welding masks for tight places, we […]

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Best Lincoln Welding Helmet Reviews 2019 – Top Picks & Guide

a best lincoln welding helmet

If you know anything about welding, you most likely have heard of Lincoln. It’s one of the most well-known brands of welding gear around, and for a good reason. Lincoln has earned its name by giving welders confidence to trust its products, as they’re made well with high-quality components. It’s also one of the best […]

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