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12 Amazing Welding Helmet Makeovers

welding helmet by DRock

Check out these creative and amazing welding helmets that will get you hyped up! 1. This helmet by Radroman / Reddit is dubbed to be the helmet for Boba Fett, a fictional character in Star Wars. 2. Feeling blue? Check out this custom painted welding helmet by Mike Lavallee. Source: 3. Leslie Bennett calls […]

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10 Tips to Weld Safely


Welding is one great, satisfying career that’s considered to be the key for numerous businesses. However, like other professions, it comes with its own dangers too, such as flying sparks, extreme temperatures, high voltages, and even toxic gases. This is where we come in. We’ll give you these 10 safety tips you need to keep […]

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How to Stick Weld Like a Pro

stick welding

What is stick welding? It is an informal term for shielded metal arc welding or SMAW and is an arc welding process performed manually that lays the weld using a consumable electrode covered with a flux. It’s a process deemed difficult to learn by a lot of people, but don’t worry, we’ll help you overcome […]

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5 Reasons Why Welding is a Good Career

It doesn’t require a college or university degree A college or university degree isn’t always affordable. For some, student debts can hunt them longer than expected. Fortunately, welding doesn’t require it. You will need to train, of course, but it’ll only take more or less seven months. After training and after you get your certification, […]

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5 Welding Mistakes That Could End Your Life


Welding is a good and satisfying career and a lot of people enjoy it. Others even consider welding a hobby! But whether you’re a professional welder or just a welding hobbyist, there will still be dangers in welding that could send you to your grave earlier than expected. Take note: Welding isn’t an easy task; […]

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How to Remove Welding Splatter from Your Table

Imagine you’re about to weld plastic, cast iron, or aluminum. Then you look at your table, only to find out that welding splatters are all over it before you even begin! Disturbing, isn’t? In the world of welding, they’re inescapable. But don’t worry, welding splatters can be removed and you can have your tidy welding […]

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How to Use a Plasma Cutter Like a Pro

plasma cutting

If you don’t like to spend much, a plasma cutter might just be your best friend. They reduce cutting costs and can even improve your productivity. They can cut holes, pierce, gouge, bevel, and trace shapes too! To use a plasma cutter like a pro, follow these steps and the reminders presented after: Put the […]

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How to TIG Weld Like a Pro

TIG welder

The most beautiful welds are produced by TIG welders. TIG welding is a precise welding process that allows you to weld metals of various thickness, from razor blades to thick plates. TIG welding makes use of a foot pedal that controls the heat of the torch. Because TIG welders can generate a lot of heat […]

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How to MIG Weld like a Pro

MIG welding

Prepare the tools and materials you need. Make sure the valve connected to your shielding gas is open and that you have about 20 cubic feet per hour of flow set. Your welder should be turned on and the grounding clamp should be fastened to your welding table or to the metal you’ll use. Speaking […]

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6 Steps to Weld Plastic Like a Pro

Identify the type of plastic you’re going to weld. Some plastics like polypropylene (used in car bumpers) can be welded only with a polypropylene rod. This is why you need to know what type of plastic you’re dealing with. Usually, they’re labeled with identification codes. If they aren’t, however, you’ll need to perform a welding […]

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