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8 Steps to Weld Cast Iron Like a Pro


Preheat the iron before getting to work. Heat the iron to 500 to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. This will prep the iron. However, preheating is just one option. You can also cool it before welding. When you preheat, the cooling rate of your weld and its surrounding will be slow. When you preheat, be sure to […]

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7 Steps to Weld Aluminum Like a Pro

aluminum welding

New to welding aluminum? No worries. We’ve got you covered. Simply follow these instructions and you’ll come up with aluminum welded like a pro! Wear protective gear. Your gloves should be thicker when welding aluminum because additional heat will be involved. This is because aluminum needs more heat than steel. Fix the flow of your […]

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TIG vs. MIG Welders: What’s The Difference? 


Some say TIG welding is harder than MIG welding. Actually, that is true.   But why do you have to know the difference? Knowing the difference will help you decide on which type of welder is perfect for the job. Of course, aside from the type of welding, you also have to consider the location, deadline of […]

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How to Arc Weld Like a Pro

arc welding

Prepare your tools. Before you start, make sure you have everything you need to start welding. That means you gather your protective gear, welding machine, chipping hammer, cables, electrodes, clamps, and of course, the metal you wish to weld. Prep a safe place. Make sure you have a table made of non-flammable material such as […]

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How Hot Does a Plasma Cutter Actually Get? 

plasma cutter

Plasma cutters can efficiently cut materials, whether they’re thin or thick. A handheld torch can sever steel plate up to two inches in thickness. Bigger torches which are controlled by a computer can cut steel up to six inches thick. Using plasma cutters is recommended when you want to cut metals in an angled or in a curved […]

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There’s a Welding Championship – Watch These!

welding machine

Who knew a welding championship exists? Check out these links and be amazed! If you’re in the United States or in any of their territories and you’re a great welder, you can join the annual SkillsUSA’s National Welding Competition. This three-day competition begins with a meeting between the advisers and the students with the contest […]

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How to Become a Certified Welder


Want to become a certified welder? You first have to follow these seven easy instructions that will set you on course. Ready or not, here they are: Finish a training program. All certified welders have undergone a welder’s program. You can directly go to the colleges near you and inquire or you can check online […]

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