20 Impressive Welding Helmet Makeovers

Last Updated: March 25, 2020

Welding is not just about getting creative with metal. Many of us welders enjoy finding unique ways to make our mark around the workshop, on our cars, toolboxes, or lunchboxes, and especially on our helmets. Check out these impressive welding helmet makeovers and get some inspiration for yours.

We have Star Wars welding helmets (the Boba Fett welding helmet is my favorite), Avengers helmets, lots of Minion welding hoods, and heaps more.

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Star Wars Welding Helmets:

1. Darth Vader Hood

Darth Vader Hood

Image credit: Plebani Built

If you’re a Star Wars fan, the dark force of Darth Vader’s helmet will keep you blazing your torch for hours. With some inspiration, welders’ glue, and a few engineering techniques, you can create your favorite Star Wars character too.

2. Clone Trooper Helmet

Clone Trooper Helmet

Image credit: Plebani Built

This Clone Trooper helmet has been modified into a welding helmet from a toy. With a probe arm and Clone Troopers voice effect, it would add some fun to most welders’ days. If you feel like making your own, don’t leave it out after work or you might not see it again.

3. Boba Fett Helmet

Boba Fett Helmet

Image credit: Plebani Built

Check out how a little creativity can produce such a spitting image of the infamous Boba Fett. The precise detail put into this Mandalorian helmet, including the accuracy of the scratched paint, is impressive. In tribute to the famous bounty hunter, this would be a fine addition to your welding shop if you’re up for a new challenge.

Avengers Welding Helmets:

4. Iron Man Mark VI

Iron Man Mark VI

Image credit: Plebani Built

You could do more than just watch your favorite Avengers character if you had this Iron Man helmet. With inspiration from Stark’s evolving technology, how about joining the Avengers welding team by getting crafty with your own Iron Man hood? I love the carbon fiber underplate; it completes the helmet for sure.

5. The Hulk Hood

Are you feeling angry at your workmates again? Unleash your Hulk with this angry mask while you churn out your welding projects. The realistic features are spot on. I particularly like how the detail isn’t kept from the visor.

6. Iron Man Mark L

Iron Man Mark L

Image credit: Welding Web

If you want to lead your welding team with authority, get your spray gun out and give this one a try. While the Mark VI addition above is crafted with way more detail, this one’s achievable for anyone with a bit of painting skill.

Minions Welding Hoods:

7. Dual-Eyed Minion

Check out the facial details on this fella. Only the best spray painter could achieve this, but it’s one I’d be happy to buy. Any customer walking into a workshop to see this would end up a spitting image of the Minion.

8. One-Eyed Minion

Are you fed up with wearing a dark, dirty helmet all day? Check out https://www.perfectionairbrushing.com to add a little color to your hood with a one-eyed Minion helmet just like this. Unlike the Minion’s hair, your workmates’ will be standing up as they applaud you for its makeover.

9. The Feel-Good Helmet

The Feel-Good Helmet

Image credit: Cheezburger

Are you a welder who loves site work? Bring your smile out from behind your helmet with this Minion paint job. It’s airbrushed and then coated with a ceramic heat-resistant clear layer. This welding helmet is tough as nails for a lasting finish if you’re keen to imitate it.

10. TIGger Happy

TIGger Happy

Image credit: Webstagram

Just to prove how hearty these paint jobs can be, see it in action here with the most intense heat in the welding world. Come on, give your helmet a bit of a smile. You know you want to.

11. Minion Triplets

Minion Triplets

Image credit: Pinterest

Are you close to your workmates and stuck on gift ideas? Grab your paintbrush out and get Minioning. Capture their typical work faces like these guys have, and you’ll be laughing for weeks.

Unique Welding Helmet Designs:

12. Flower Skull

T94 Series Helmet

Image credit: Killer Paint

The blue skull fused with flowers gives a dark yet majestic look to a workshop environment. It’s a perfect idea for people wanting to add an artistic touch to their welding. It’s an inexpensive helmet, but invaluable with the rich graphics the artist added.

13. T94 Series Helmet

T94 Series Helmet

Image credit: Amazon

Do you get welders’ neck, and are you keen to get into some new space-like weld tech? This helmet not only looks cool, but you can also buy it for yourself. The design soothes welders’ neck while surpassing almost every other helmet available in comfort and technology. With an aluminum heat shield, and the latest lens technology, this one is a must-have for professional welders.

14. The Tagged Helmet

The Tagged Helmet

Image credit: Deviant Art

Are you a welder who likes tagging and doesn’t care what others think about your personal touch? Here’s a helmet with some creepy art to inspire your own design. This designer has a love for tongues. What are you into? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

15. The Patriot

Some welders like to paint their hoods instead of buying a standard design. What do you do? Helmets don’t just offer protection; they also provide welders with a platform to add a personal touch to their workshop, just like this patriot flashing their colors. Are there any Americans out there waving their welding flags? I might paint a Union Jack on my helmet from this inspiration.

16. Flaming Hot

I love the feeling of working with fire in the workshop, and this helmet has me excited to get into the flames. It’s a simple design, but true craftsmanship went into making this to create such a realistic look. Would this be your choice for a helmet?

17. Tankman’s Helmet

Tankman’s Helmet

Image credit: Etsy

Tankman’s helmet looks as tough as boots. I wouldn’t have any more fear from my workmates swinging their grinders around if I wore this. It seems like a pressure tank manufacturer and an old-school boat builder designed it. Would you be in grind mode every day like me if you had this?

18. Deer Art

Deer Art

Image credit: Deviant Art

This one is my favorite by far after the Boba Fett helmet. The paint job is exceptional, unlike anything else I’ve seen. I doubt it’s for sale, but if someone would sell it to me, I’d buy it in a jiffy. Deer skulls, sprockets, and leaves: I would never have imagined they could look so good on a canvas, but their blend of color, life, death, and mechanics on this makes a stunning helmet. Hats off to the painter’s creativity.

19. Welding Warrior

Welding Warrior

Image credit: The Man Cave

If you’re into custom war-themed welding helmets, check out this ancient Greek warrior helmet. These long crest helmets were worn by Greek soldiers in the Persian Wars thousands of years ago. I’m not sure how their welding was back then, but I’d love to give some Greek warrior welding a try with this helmet.

20. Pipe Welder

Pipe Welder

Image credit: Pinterest

Are there any pipe welders checking this out? This one’s for you. Any steampunkers here will love it. You might feel a little off-balance welding in it, but you could always tee up some airflow and bring a little fresh air in to balance out its feel.

What have you crafted?

With the many creative designs people have put on their helmets with their favorite characters, cool themes, and remarkable art, I’m inspired to get more creative with my helmets. We hope you have loved them as much as we have. Be sure to send your comments and any helmet modifications you have made below. We would love to see them.

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