There’s a Welding Championship – Watch These!

Who knew a welding championship exists? Check out these links and be amazed!

If you’re in the United States or in any of their territories and you’re a great welder, you can join the annual SkillsUSA’s National Welding Competition. This three-day competition begins with a meeting between the advisers and the students with the contest chairman explaining what will happen on those three days.

The following details are also given on the first day:

  • The welding they need to complete

  • The processes that should be used

  • The positions they need to apply to weld the project

  • The types of metal they’ll weld

  • The time they’ll be allowed to spend for the project

To be fair, high school students will have different projects from college and post-secondary students.

The orientation will be followed by a question and answer forum where students can clarify and ask pertinent questions regarding the projects they’ll perform. A 50-point quiz with choices will then be conducted to check whether the students understood what was presented. Later on, the students will be given a minute to present a topic in front of three judges. On competition day, the students will be grouped and will go through various testing areas where they need to showcase their talents in welding.