TIG vs. MIG Welders: What’s The Difference? 

weldingSome say TIG welding is harder than MIG welding. Actually, that is true.  

But why do you have to know the difference? Knowing the difference will help you decide on which type of welder is perfect for the job. Of course, aside from the type of welding, you also have to consider the location, deadline of the project, budget, and the weld precision needed.  

So what’s the difference between TIG and MIG welders?  

Metal Inert Gas or MIG welders fuse together two pieces of metal using a consumable wire which is linked to an electrode current. This wire will pass through the welding gun simultaneously as the inert gas. The gas keeps the electrode away from contaminants.  

On the other hand, Tungsten Inert Gas or TIG welders use non-consumable tungsten with an inert gas to fuse two workpieces together. Electricity needed for welding is provided by the tungsten electrode.  

The big difference between the two is that MIG welders use continuously feeding wires which burn, melt, and join two metals together and TIG welders use long welding rods. MIG welders can weld aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, and other materials. They can weld various materials with different width from metal sheets to hefty structural plates. MIG welding puts down welds faster than TIG welding.  

Meanwhile, TIG welders use a more detailed and careful welding method.  TIG welding is usually applied for thin gauge materials such as tool boxes and kitchen sinks. TIG welders can bring the power really low to avoid blowing through the metal and that’s a big advantage.  

Of course, TIG welders can still weld pipes and other heavier materials, they just need to have a unit that can generate the amount of power required for the job. 

TIG welders can weld various types of metals. The only negative side about TIG welding is that the process is slower compared to MIG welding. Some even note that you should first be an expert in the latter before you consider TIG welding.  

So if you’re a beginner welder or you’re just welding at home for a few small tasks, it’s safe to purchase an MIG welder.